Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Do Airbrush Tans Last?

The longevity of your tan is 5-10 days depending on how well you maintain your skin. Another factor is your skins natural shedding rate. The faster your skin cells turnover the faster your tan fades away. Following good skin care regimens after sunless tanning will help to extend the life of your tan.

How Long Does The Application Appointment Take?

Approximately 30 minutes from start to finish 

What Is The Active Ingredient In The Solution?

DHA (dilhydroxyacetone) is the main and most effective ingredient in all quality sunless tanning solutions and is approved by the FDA. DHA is derived from sugars that interact with skin proteins, amino acids on the outer layer of skin, and oxygen to produce brown compounds. This process is best compared to the process of slicing open an apple and leaving it on the counter, as it is exposed to the oxygen in the air, the outside becomes brown. 

Why Cant I Sweat Or Get Wet?

If you perspire or get wet during the development time it blocks the DHA in the sunless solution from absorbing into the skin. 

Can I Spray Tan If I'm Pregnant?

YES ! It is generally considered safe to get sunless tans while pregnant. Extra protection such as nose plugs , eyelid covers, disposable underwear, face masks are available for purchase and will be offered if you notify your spray artist upon arrival of appointment. We suggest you consult with a physician before spray tanning.

Why Are My Sunless Tanning Results Not Consistent From Appointment To Appointment?

Due to the ever changing factors of your body chemistry, every time you come to your appointment your skin is not in the same condition as the last time. 

Can I Shower Before My Application Appointment?

It is not recommended but if you must, blast your skin with cold water before you get out, this will help to assist in shrinking your pores.


Why Did Certain Parts Of My Body Go Darker Than Others?

Dry skin is the number one reason for this. Areas of the body that are drier than others will over absorb the solution during the processing stage leaving you with darker patches.


Can I Spray Tan When I Have Eyelash Extensions?

YES! The solution sprays out of the gun as a light mist which is gentle enough on all eyelash extensions. It is best to try to schedule your lash appointments 24 hrs before or after your sunless tanning appointment. 

What About My Nails?

I put a protective layer over your nails to protect the integrity, so feel free to get them done in any color ( white/pink/etc..). Plan your nail appointment to be before your spray tan or for the day after your spray tan, as once the solution is applied to the skin you are not supposed to get wet for 8-12 hrs. 

Will Sunless Tans Effect My Tattoos?

Spray tan solutions only adhere to the top layer of skin cells, therefore they do not harm inked skin. The one possible exception is if the ink is fresh. It is not recommended to sunless tan over top of healing tattoos, the colors in the tattoo can get altered during this short period of time. 

Certain Parts Of My Body Didn't Develop The Same as The Rest?

Anytime you put something tight on after a spray tan application appointment it chokes out the skin in that area not allowing it to properly develop; potentially leaving lines and inconsistency's. Excess friction in certain areas, sweating or rubbing of the solution during the development stage can also effect the development. 

I Got Out Of The Shower And My Tan Is Streaky?

Your tan is not streaky, hop back into the shower and take your hand and gently push the skin. You have the remains of the cosmetic bronzer on your skin and it just needs some assistance down the shower drain. You will notice your tan evens out once the bronzer is fully off the body. 

Why Is My Spray Tan Coming Off Blotchy Or Patchy?

Because the spray tan only adheres to the top layer of skin cells, as those skin cells shed away the tan falls away with it. Dry skin is the number one reason tans start to fall of blotchy. Other factors such as excess friction in certain areas,sweating, natural exfoliation, working out and so much more can cause the tan to fade away quicker in certain areas than others. Therefore this leaves the body looking blotchy, patchy, spotty and inconsistent

The Inside Of My Palms Took Pigmentation, Why?

Only areas of the body that are exposed to the solution will process. Your hands will have touched or rested against your body at any given time. The main time this happens is when clients are sleeping, as you have no control as to where your hands rest. They tend to be on the body allowing them the opportunity to gain color. I recommend sleeping with a long sleeve shirt or gloves. 

How Can I Tone Down My Pigmented Palms?

Although harsh, I find a little bit of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on a cotton ball, rubbed onto the palms instantly tones down the extreme appearance of color. 

Can I Wear White After A Spray Tan?

Not directly after application, but once you have your first shower you most defiantly can. Be careful to ensure that all the cosmetic bronzer has come off during your first shower, if you have residue on the skin that will transfer to your white clothing. My recommendation is to have two good showers before wearing white. Although it is extremely uncommon and rare that the spray tan will have residual on clothing, i cannot guarantee.

Will A Spray Tan Get Onto My Wedding Dress?

If you properly wash off all of the cosmetic bronzers during your first shower "post development" it is highly unlikely it will get onto your gorgeous dress. I do recommend that brides allow themselves to have two showers before the big day, this ensures if you missed any bronzers in the first wash they will be gone by the second wash. Although it is extremely uncommon and rare that the spray tan will have residual on wedding dresses, i cannot guarantee.

Can I Workout After A Spray Tan?

Once you have your first shower "post development" you can feel free to live life normally.Please note that working out can increase the rate to which the tan fades away in certain areas of the body.

When Can I Go Into My Pool/Hot Tub?

24-48 hrs post spray tan is recommend. The bleach levels in pool and hot tub water can certainly dry out the skin(which will increase the fade over the next few days) and can lighten the tan a bit. I recommend avoiding prolonged water submersion. 

My Skin Is Itchy, Help?

Sunless tanning solutions can agitate and dry the skin if it is not in ideal conditions before coming to your sunless tan. Clients tend to find these issues more in the winter time as it is drier out than in the summer. Proper moisturization routines are critical to avoid this issue.

I Feel Like My Tan Went Orange, Why?

When used as recommended my solutions give a natural, just off the beach glow. High pH levels can sometimes give clients an undesirable "fake" non natural looking tan. This is what some people refer to as an "orange" appearance. Places and products that use a low quality DHA in their solutions tend to put out orange looking tans. Tans By Kait uses products with top of the line ingredients. DHA is the active ingredient found in all sunless tanning solutions; the effects of the DHA chemical rely on your skin tone and condition. Unfortunately because your skins chemical balance is ever changing the reaction results may very from appointment to appointment.

Can Any Body Size And Shape Get A Airbrush Tan?

YES! Because airbrush tans are done by a person with a hand held gun, they are able to customize the tan to work around any body shape or size giving you a more personalized and even spray tanning experience

Do I Need To Be 18+ To Get An Airbrush Tan?

No,it is okay for people of any age to get spray tanned as it is considered a safe alternative to tanning. I do request clients under the age of 16 require parent or guardian signature. 

Sensitive Skin, Severe Asthma, Eczema, Psoriasis.

Please consult with a physician before spray tanning.

What Products Should I Avoid To Make My Tan Last Longer And Fade Better?

Bar soap or any soap that is creamy white (Dove,Olay,bath and body works). Products with alcohol, retinol, salicylic acid, rentin-a, alpha hydroxy. Use warm water not hot water to prolong the longevity of your tan. Avoid sodium laureyl sulfate and mineral oils as well. 

Will I Have The Odor That Is Often Associated With Sunless Tans?

Tans By Kait uses solutions that have odor encapsulation that virtually eliminates the odor all together. The added scent boosters in the solution are also an added bonus to make every tan smell tropical and fruity.

Will Sunless Solution Stain My Hair?

Hair caps are provided to be worn during application. Most people wont notice any effects, however light grey or blonde hair may see some temporary discoloration. This will wash out within a few washes.

Can I Tan More Than Once A Week?

To avoid build up of solution on skin that contributes to uneven wear off, as well to ensure that skin is in optimal shape, clients are only allowed to book tans every 7 days. Tans are meant to last 

5-10 days and receiving treatments too frequently can alter skins pH levels, cause shedding to happen quicker and decrease the longevity of the tan.

Do Spray Tans Protect Me From The Sun?

No. Sunless tans provide no UV protection.

Will It Be Able To Even Out My Tan Lines?

The severity of the tan lines or the degree of how burnt and red your skin is

may be contributing factors to how well we can mask the appearance of a tan line. In some cases it may be very difficult to find a close colour match.


How Many Days Before An Event Should I Get My Spray Tan?

We recommend coming anytime from 1-3 days before an event. vacations 1-2 days is more recommended and weddings or other big events 2-3 days before is recommended.