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we tan thousands of brides each year

each spray tan is customized to your perfect level with our expert knowledge 


all our solutions are made with the most premium quality, small  batch, natural, organic, parben free, peanut allergen free, peta friendly, alchol free to give you the best of the best! we have over 21+ color options

Tips for Getting a Spray Tan for the Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, so it’s no surprise that you want your spray tan to look perfect. Luckily, these tips will help you spray tan for the wedding with confidence. There's so much to prepare for the big day, from finding the perfect dress and venue to making sure you look your best on your wedding day. In addition to beautiful hair and makeup, having a spray tan can really make you feel even more amazing. 

Book your spray tan 1-3 days before the wedding. Ideally I love 2-3 days before to allow the chance for you to have two showers before wearing white. At least one shower with soap to ensure all cosmetic bronzers are washed off.

A trial spray tan can be a great idea to get a feel for the process, what to expect, workout any kinks and perfect your colour to make sure you feel stress free leading into your wedding day tan. Many brides love doing a trial for other big events like the wedding social, bridal shower, bachelorette etc. Trial tans are not required , it is totally up to each bride what they feel they need , we happily tan everyone weather they have come one time or 12 times. 

PRO TIP: If your wedding date is open please book that appointment! our system opens up 90 days in advance from todays date (approx 3 months give or take) You don't want to book a trial tan and wait to decide if you like the service and risk missing out on an appointment for your wedding. This happens every season where brides wait till there trial to decided and sadly the week of there wedding fully books up and now they cant get in for a tan or are stuck on a waitlist. I always say its best to book your wedding day ASAP and if you don't love your trial tan or decide its not the service for you then you cancel ! 

Plan all your other beauty service appointments before your spray tan and let your spray tan be the last stop.

Don't get a sun burn. I cannot tan over damaged burnt skin as it peels the tan off leaving you looking like your have a skin condition.

Plan your tan lines around the style of your wedding dress. Tan line correction is available to add on to your spray tan service for an added $10.00. It is easiest to mask and blend out multiple soft tan lines. It is harder to 100% get rid of harsh tan lines. Tan line correction will always benefit you to create a softer appearance of your tan lines/and or get rid of them and makes your photographers editing job so much easier. 

Exfoliate days before your spray tan. Don't skip your armpits, no one thinks to exfoliate the armpit area but you get lots of deodorant and build up in this area and many wedding dresses rest in the armpits.

Use baby powder on the body on areas that the dress sits tight ( armpits, straps, chest, ect) 30 minutes-1hr before getting your wedding dress on. This creates a barrier between the dress and your skin. Use a jar and makeup brush to apply to body.

No body oils or coconut oils 48hrs before your big day. Face oils are fine. We don't want you getting hot and becoming a tan oil soup or transferring onto your dress easily. Use tan safe body lotions instead to hydrate the skin. 

Spray your perfume on the dress or clothes and not your skin. Perfumes and body sprays contain alcohol which can fade the chest or spray tan faster.

Follow the everything to know instructions on our website to prepare for your appointment and to know what to expect.

Plan your spray tan for a time when you know you can leave it on and be more princess like while it develops. Some brides are comfortable going to wedding rehearsals for example braless, makeup less and with tan developing. Other brides are not comfortable with doing this, so making sure to plan your tan accordingly.

If you would like to come with your bridesmaids, partners, siblings, ect for a group booking ! we love having groups come. You can call us at 204-995-5842 to book in a large group or you can book on our online system. With the online system, book multiple appointment slots back to back, for example 1pm,1:30pm,2:00pm and this will allow you all to show up together for a afternoon of fun! Feel free to bring snacks, champagne and smiles. You can all come in the room together and hang out or we can leave people in the waiting room and rotate in and out of the room with your spray tan technician. whatever makes you most comfortable. 

At this time we don't provide group discount rate, or mobile tan options !

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