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Thanks For Choosing To Get Bronzed With ME!

Thanks For Choosing To Get Bronzed With ME!

Taxes Included In Pricing Stated.


You Will Save 17% Buying The Tan Kit From Me Vs Online CND Retailers. 

Tan Kit $68.00

What is included in the tan kit?

-A  Full Size  Bottle Of St Tropez Self Tanning Mousse

-Color Of Your Choice Between: Classic, Dark, Extra Dark, Express, Purity Clear 

- Double Sided Velvet Lux Tan Applicator Mitt

-Exfoliation Glove 

- Setting Powder To Take Away Stick After Application

(Powder is  talc free, dye free, scent free)

The ability to speak with me over phone, face time, zoom, text to help you along the application journey. I'll have a fun little tutorial of me doing a self tan step by step for you to watch as well for a guide. You will get a access code to open the secret tan video. Hoping this makes self tanning a little less intimidating for those who aren't so familiar. 

Purity Bronzing Face Mist $36.50

Taxes Included In Pricing Stated.

You Will Save 15% Buying The Purity Bronzing Face Mist From Me Vs Online CND Retailers.

Purity Bronzing Face Mist Is Another One Of My Go Too Products.

-Shake Well , Close Eyes, Spray Evenly Over Neck and Face , Do A Little Blend And TaaaDaaa Within Hours Your Will develop a flawless glow that smells beautiful and wont transfer. Great For Keeping Color On The Areas That Fade Quickest With Tans Such As Face And Hands.


these tan kits Were Created From The Love OF Tanning While Not Being Able To Personally Airbrush You All. Over Time I've Added More And More Products That I'm personally Loving Using For You To Purchase. They can be ordered on there own or along side a tan kit to compliment your glow.


Every product is given at a reduced price compared to buying in store or online at a Canadian retailers. my hope was to make this as accessible for as many people as i could.


I'm just a girl on a mission to make a few extra souls out in the world today a bit happier and a bit more tanned..

Classic - light applicator guide, a great natural lighter tan, beginner recommended  240ml bottle

Dark- Darker Summer time tan feel, Very viable applicator guide, fun bronzed glow 200ml bottle

Extra Dark- Intimidatingly dark applicator guide, best for those experienced tanners 200ML Bottle

Express- Intimating applicator guide, lots of customization for color level from light to dark 200Ml BtL

Taxes Included In Pricing Stated.

You Will Save 17% Buying The Watermelon Everyday Gradual Tan Lotion From Me Vs Online CND Retailers.

Watermelon Every Day Gradual Tan Lotion $34.00


 Watermelon Everyday Gradual Tan Lotion  Is Fun To Use And One Of My Go To Products.

 Incorporating Into Your Daily Moisturizing Routine To Prolong The Color From Your Self Tanner Making Your Life Easier By Saving Time. You Can Also Use This Product To Just Add Color To Your Skin.Apply Daily Until Desired Color Is Reached Or To Maintain Color.



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