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Pre-Tanning Preparation

Remove all unwanted body hair 24hr + before application appointment

                       This will allow the hair follicles enough time to close up ensuring a balanced tan.

Exfoliate 1-3 days in a row before your application appointment

                       Removing the top layer of dead skin cells leaves a smooth base of fresh skin for the tan to adhere onto. This will help prolong                           the life of your tan. Dry brushing, Wet brushing, Exfoliation gloves are all great. 

 My favorite exfoliation recipe is a home made mixture of 1 cup white sugar and 1/4 cup olive oil or coconut oil. Stop using the DIY oil scrub at least 24hrs prior to your spray tan as it can leave a oil residue on the skin that can make it hard for the spray tan to penitrate through.

Moisturize as many days in a row before your application appointment as you can

​                      This is key. Moisturize the days leading up to your tan, but not the day of the tan. Dry skin does not take to the                                                    solution well. Alligator like skin = alligator like tan. TIP: I love using coconut oil or shea butters as a moisturizer or melting it into my bath and soaking in the tub. Please stop use of oil based lotions or products (ex:coconut oil) 24 hrs to appointment. If you feel super dry the morning of your spray  tan you can use a tan safe body lotion, but this is only if your are visibly flaky or feeling crusty dry and must be done at least 4hrs+ before the tan for it to have time to absorb.

Avoid perfumes, deodorant and makeup the day of your tan. Try to avoid showering day of your spray tan as this strips your skins natural oils, drying you out. 

                     Some of the chemicals found in these products can prevent the tan from adhering to the skin smoothly. Certain types of                                     deodorants can turn the armpits green when reacting with the solution. Having the face spray tanned is optional, if you choose

                     not too, feel free to wear make-up to your application appointment. 

Avoid Dove and Olay , bath and body works products or anything with alcohol. 

                    These products and lotions are known to leave a filmy layer on skin making the spray tan go on spotty and removes the tan                                quickly if used. Clear liquid type soaps are the most ideal to use and make sure they avoid alcohol or mineral oils. Avoid Bar Soap as well. I love using a natural wash and my favorite soap is NATIVE brand.

Band-aids and wax

                    The adhesive from band-aids or left over body wax residue can appear after the tan has processed if not removed fully before                          being spray tanned. This is why it is recommend to do all body hair removal 24 hrs + before application appointment.

Bring loose fitted dark colored clothing to wear after your session

                    You will be very sticky post-spray tan making it uncomfortable to put clothes on. Putting tight clothing on can smudge or strip                            away the solution leaving lines and inconsistencies in the tan. The solution may get on clothing and thus after the application                            choose loose fitted dark colored clothing. The Solution washes out of most clothing with ease, but tends to stain nylon and lycra                      materials.

What To Expect During Your Tan

It is best to show up foundation free

                  Face wipes can be provided to remove any makeup and deodorant before we start to apply the solution.

Choosing your perfect shade

                This is your chance to explain what you want to look like so we can select the perfect solution for you. I carry 21 shades plus I can                         customize a shade for your skin tone. If it's a 10 day holiday you may want to go darker or add the hydrating sealing treatment so that the tan lasts longer, or if it's for wedding photos the next day, you may want to go lighter so it looks as natural as possible.

What do you wear during the spray tan?

                The answer is you can wear whatever you want, it is a judgement free zone. Lots of people choose to tan naked as they don't like                      the appearance of tan lines, others will go topless or in a bikini. I recommend if you choose to wear clothing  to utilize an older                          article as the solution can sometimes stain the material.


                We will prep your body for application. Don't worry about coming with freshly done nails or light color nails they wont stain if they are gloss coat, the tan slides off like butter. if they are matt i will apply a layer to protect them. I will provide a  disposable hair net that can be worn during the appointment. Barrier cream is to be applied to hands, feet, elbows and knees as  these areas tend to be drier than the rest. I will spray your entire body with a PH balancing spray. This product enhances color   results, minimizes odor, moisturizes and balances your body PH all in one.

Now you are ready to be sprayed

​                The mist will be cool coming out of the gun , don't be alarmed. I will walk you through the entire process and all the positions used                  to ensure we apply full even coverage to the entire body.


                Time is set aside to ensure you are dry before putting your clothes on to leave.


Post Spray Tan Maintence

Avoid water and sweating for the next 8-12 hours while your skin is adhering and processing

Avoid Chlorine for 24 hours

Nothing Tight

                   Nothing tight is to be put back on the body post spray tan. This means no bras, watches, or tight jewelry. Putting tight things on                           post application appointment will choke out the tan and leave white marks in the shape of the object. Wait until after your first                             shower.

Sticky feeling

                   Your skin will feel sticky for an hour or two after initial application. This is a perfectly normal feeling and will go away.


                   Your skin will transform color for the next 24 hours,but you will begin to notice development around 2-4 hours. The initial color you                       see on your skin is a cosmetic bronzer and can appear darker than the final result.


                   8-12 hr post application appointment hop into the shower and stand under warm water until it bleeds clear. Do not use any soaps                         or body washes.You will see color washing off the first time you shower, this is just the bronzing agent not your tan.Pat dry do not                         rub. Do not leave the solution on longer than 12 hrs as you run the risk of over processing and getting an orange tinge.



                   Moisturize after you get out of the shower and continue everyday to extend the life of your tan. DHA is a sugar based preservative                       used in spray tan solutions that can cause really dry skin to feel itchy. I recommend melting some coconut oil into a bath and                                 soaking to relieve the itch as it hydrates the skin.               


                    If you need to put makeup on please stick to powders and avoid anything liquid. (ie. liquid foundations, concealer, eyeliners, eye                          shadows)


Once you have your first shower you are ready to get back to your day to day routines


Avoid soaps with those micro-exfoliation beads, they will strip your tan away like a zebra.


Clear liquid soaps that contain no alcohol or mineral oils are better than bar soap or creamy white soaps.


Use warm water not hot water during your showers. You will find you get an extra day or two out of the color of your tans potential.


Make sure your moisturizer does not have "Alcohol" towards the top of the ingredients list. It dries your skin out , bleaches the spray tanning solution and doesn't allow the tan to fade away naturally.


Remember that the tan only adheres to the top layer of skin cells. As those skin cells shed away , so does the tan. Poor maintenance , excess friction, rubbing or sweating in certain areas can cause the tan to fade quicker in certain areas of the body.


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